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"Simply the best grill I have ever had the pleasure of cooking on! Smoking low and slow or grilling over very high temps; it's an amazing product. I've never endorsed any company in my career as a chef, with one execption, Backyard Bistros. Our members at Hazeltine love the food that comes off of our Backyard Bistros' Memphis Grill but, I love cooking on it even more."

Chef Eric Simpson, Hazeltine National Golf Club

Thank you Backyard Bistros!

“Backyard Bistros and Memphis Grills have improved my family’s life hugely! My wife and I first sampled Pulled Pork smoked on a Memphis Grill last summer. After tasting that pulled pork, my wife and I agreed that we had to have a Memphis Grill for our family We love our Memphis Pro so much, we have since purchased a second Memphis Grill; we use them as a primary cooking method for our busy household.”

Tom S

Changed Our Lives

“For years, many of my friends and family have been fans of another, less expensive, pellet grill. Once I became aware of, and got to use a Memphis Grill, my opinions have changed COMPLETELY. Memphis Grills make a far superior product! Living in Minnesota, and wanting to use my grill/smoker 12 months a year, I realized quickly that Backyard Bistros had a solution for me. The Memphis Pro enables me to grill and smoke all year round no matter what the temperature is outside!”

Cam and Dana


“I have cooked on a less expensive pellet smoker for several years. Once I became aware of, and used a Backyard Bistro’s Memphis Grill, I realized that the pellet smoker that I’d been cooking on was inferior.”

Darren N

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